Accountability and Criteria For Neurodiversity Inclusion


Andrew Komarow


July 4, 2022

Accountability is one of the criteria used by The Neurodiversity Index. The criteria for the Index are the parameters that we use to determine the top companies in commitment to Neurodiversity Inclusion for workers and consumers. In this series of posts, we will be highlighting the eight criteria we use to measure that commitment. We recently discussed Standing Behind Beliefs, which you can read about here. Today we will be discussing the criteria of Accountability.

This is how The Neurodiversity Index measures company viability. Accountability is a unique criterion for the Neurodiversity Index because it is the only criterion that does not focus on inclusion specifically. The criteria of Accountability is used to measure how smart of an investment a company is based on typical factors that affect stocks. For instance, this criterion is used to rule out companies that have manipulative or speculative stocks, or even shady business practices. This is important because it shows our commitment to investing in companies that will last and in stocks that will reward our investors. It also shows we value sound companies when it comes to investing in neurodiversity inclusion. We want to attract trustworthy and financially sound companies to embrace inclusivity so that neurodiverse workers can work at companies they trust.

We have recently released blog posts discussing the criteria of Advancing Neurodivergent Leadership and Standing Behind Beliefs. While these two criteria are vastly different as one is about specific efforts taken and the other is about following through on whichever efforts are taken, Accountability is vastly different than either of them. As a criterion for the Neurodiversity Index, accountability is simply about being a company that is well and ethically run.

To put it simply, business viability is crucial to smart investments. We plan to build a more inclusive future for neurodiverse individuals, while also building up great companies and making money for those investing in that better future. It is possible to invest in your values while investing in strong companies. We’ve done it before, and now we want to help anyone who is passionate about Neurodiversity do the same.

Company viability is not only vital for survival, but also for longevity and growth. If the Neurodiversity Index is to be a truly powerful force in the company space, we need to be making the smartest investments possible in the right companies. This is even more important because we’re not only looking for returns in funds but also in social change. Because of this, accountability is one of the eight criteria used by The Neurodiversity Index.

You can learn more about The Neurodiversity Index, including the other criteria we use here.

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