The Importance of Advancing Neurodivergent Leadership: Criteria For The Neurodiversity Index


Andrew Komarow


April 6, 2022

Let’s talk about Advancing Neurodivergent Leadership and Neurodiversity Inclusion.

Advancing Neurodivergent Leadership is one of the criteria used by The Neurodiversity Index. The criteria for the Index are the parameters that we use to determine the top companies in commitment to Neurodiversity Inclusion for workers and consumers. In each post in this series, we will be highlighting one of the eight criteria we use to measure that commitment. Today we will be discussing the criteria of Advancing Neurodivergent Leadership.

This is how The Neurodiversity Index measures commitment to having neurodivergent individuals in positions of leadership. We see a lot of value in companies that have neurodivergent individuals in top positions. Whether they rise to those positions or the positions are created for them, we know that their successes bring others along, even just by showing that it can be done.

These leaders can also effectively advocate thinking bigger and with more clarity and direction to make important changes in company development. Neurodivergent leadership is not only a sign of neurodiversity inclusion, but it can also help further the inclusivity efforts within the company. Many of the companies we’ve seen that have the most impressive neurodiversity inclusion programs have neurodivergent leadership, and we know that’s not a coincidence. No one understands the value and importance of neurodiversity as much as neurodivergent individuals themselves.

As a neurodivergent individual, it’s important to see neurodiverse representation not only in your company but throughout all levels of leadership in the company. This allows us to see ourselves moving up through the company and signifies to us that we’re not going to be held back just because we’re neurodivergent. It shows us that the company isn’t afraid to trust us in positions of power. This is a real fear that so many neurodiverse workers have, and it shows that the importance of advancing neurodivergent leadership is deeper than just company decisions.

This is the first criteria we are discussing because while advancing neurodivergent leadership can have many complex effects, it is a fairly simple and obvious building block of neurodiversity inclusion. It is a clear example of how we at The Neurodiversity Index value commitment that leads to real change within the companies while also focusing on empowering neurodiverse individuals and changing the conversations around neurodiversity. Neurodiverse individuals in leadership clearly do all of these things at once.

Having neurodivergent individuals in positions of power in a company is a sign of real commitment to neurodivergent inclusivity. A commitment that speaks to an understanding of the real value neurodiverse individuals brings to a company. It’s the type of real commitment we are looking for. Because of this, Advancing Neurodivergent Leadership is one of the eight criteria used by The Neurodiversity Index.

You can learn more about The Neurodiversity Index, including the other criteria we use here.

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